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Conker the Squirrel is the protagonist and main character in the Conker series. In the newer games, Conker is a greedy, heavy drinking, red squirrel. Conker, though highly materialistic and never afraid to insult, always approaches new characters with a positive outlook. Conker's adventures occur because he gets drunk and wanders in the opposite direction to his home. In the Xbox Live Arcadeversion of Banjo-Kazooie, his picture is seen in the Rusty Bucket Bay level where Berri's beta old appearance originally was in the Nintendo 64 version. In Conker's Pocket Tales, he has to rescue his girlfriend, Berri, from the Evil Acorn; the same version of Conker appears in Diddy Kong Racing, where he is a playable character and that game marks his first appearance.

The fate of Conker can be compared to that of Birdman and Space Ghost. All three began as obscure characters and were eventually changed to be more adult-oriented, having originally been targeted at children (Birdman and Space Ghost had originally been Saturday morning cartoons).

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